profile-icon  By Pete Bratach
calendar  Feb 21, 2023

unitQ AI surfaces feature requests from customers in real time

At unitQ, we understand the importance of knowing your customers and their needs. That’s why our Voice-of-the-Customer platform provides organizations with a single source of truth in real time for all user feedback, whether it comes from app store ratings, online reviews, social media posts or support tickets.

Normally, organizations use this data to discover and fix issues your users are experiencing with your product across all touchpoints, or to find out what you’re doing well. But now we’ve added a way for organizations to give their customers what they want.

unitQ now uses AI to automatically surface feature requests from customers! The unitQ AI helps organizations discover new features customers want, without having to conduct focus groups, send out surveys, or manually pour through their feedback. You may just discover some features that are missing from your roadmap, or that you were uncertain whether and how to prioritize them.

A key to unlock growth

A good roadmap isn’t just a tool to align stakeholders. It’s a key to unlock growth. unitQ provides the intelligence to discover the right features to build by quantifying customer pain points and understanding how they impact your business.

Having processed hundreds of millions of pieces of user feedback, unitQ’s machine learning can accurately differentiate between feature requests, bugs, user experience issues, and more — and categorize the feedback at a very granular level. That means your team can spend less time manually aggregating feedback and more time taking action.

Gain loyalty and trust

Naturally, you don’t have to implement every user’s suggestion. But listening to your users goes a long way in helping build loyalty and trust. Don’t forget that unmet customer needs can mean the difference between a 5-star experience and a churned customer. 

Use your own judgment, but take your users’ judgment into account as well. When users feel like they are being heard, they are more likely to recommend your product and help boost your growth. unitQ can help you do just that!


unitQ examines all your feedback. And in the same way that our machine learning models calculate whether user feedback highlights a gap between experience and expectation, unitQ can now determine whether feedback is a feature request, and categorizes it accordingly.

We built this because finding feature requests in user feedback enables organizations to provide customers with a much more complete and enjoyable experience. 

About unitQ

unitQ is an advanced Voice-of-the-Customer platform that provides AI-powered, actionable insights from user feedback to empower organizations to craft high-quality products, services and experiences across every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Category-leading companies like Bumble, Chime, HelloFresh, Pinterest, PrizePicks, Spotify and others rely on unitQ to drive growth, reduce churn, and build brand loyalty. Want to know what users think about your organization? Get a free AI-driven CX report. To learn more about unitQ, request a demo.

Pete Bratach is Documentation Manager for unitQ