profile-icon  By Pete Bratach
calendar  Nov 16, 2022

Instantly transform user feedback into actionable insights with AI Summarization

Becoming a user-centric organization requires a deep and personal understanding of the people using your product. Powered by machine learning and AI, unitQ captures user feedback in more than 100 languages from dozens of sources — including the Apple App Store, Discord, Google Play Store, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and among others YouTube. unitQ parses this user feedback in real time for unitQ customers to help them inform decision making along every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Our new AI Summarization feature turns this user feedback into easy-to-consume summaries, regardless of how much feedback an organization receives. Whether you are looking to summarize feedback from an existing unitQ-created category or from search results around an emerging topic of interest — you can generate powerful insights instantly.

Identify pain points

Use AI Summarization to identify user pain points quickly so you can make the appropriate fixes to keep your organization ahead of the competition. You also will have a greater understanding of what users enjoy about your product so you can double down on what’s working well.

For example, say you just released a new feature. You can use unitQ search to find all feedback mentioning the feature, then see a summary of what people think about it, which is much quicker than reading through all the feedback one item at a time. Then you can share the summary with your team or other teams so you all can stay in sync. This improves decision making and ensures your organization’s end users are getting an exceptional product and customer experience.

How it works

Our advanced AI pours over every piece of user feedback and comes up with a detailed summary, then lists the most notable subtopics from among the feedback. This empowers organizations to ensure their products and services continue to exceed user expectations. You can even rate the quality of the summary, which helps us ensure you continue to get accurate results.

The image above shows the AI Feedback Summary for a search in unitQ created to review positive feedback on the most recent Android release.

Don’t miss valuable user feedback

These automated feedback summaries enable you to save hours of time so you don’t have to read through every piece of feedback to know what your users are thinking. To help maintain your organization’s exceptional user experience, our AI Summarization tool helps ensure you do not miss out on any valuable user feedback.

Like our new charts and dashboards, feedback summaries make your data more consumable, providing even more insights at a glance, saving you even more time.

Get Started

If you want to learn more about feedback summaries, contact your unitQ customer success manager. Or if you’re looking to get started with unitQ, book a demo today!

Pete Bratach is unitQ documentation manager.